Women's Night at The Venture Café

WESTXX in Health, Venture Caféand mosaicHUB invite you to a special 'Women's Night' at the Venture Café with fun, drinks, and featured panels/breakout sessions.

The Venture Café was created to provide a resource for the Boston entrepreneurial and innovation communities. The mission is to enable fresh and useful conversations. The Venture Café serves as a nexus for helping innovators and entrepreneurs find one another and collaborate to bring their dreams to reality. The shared physical spaces provide common meeting ground and a forum for semi-serendipitous encounters that often foster brainstorming and drive creativity. 


5:30-6:00pm: Breakout Discussions

            Are you Born to be an Entrepreneur? Facilitated by Ali Farquhar of GTL Coaching and Consulting (Darjeeling room holds 14)

            Why Aren't There More Women at the Top? Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling with Kate Beeders of Success Coaching with Kate (Aizawl room holds 12)

            Getting Your Innovation to Market - How do you validate your idea and your target market Facilitated by Abi Barrow of Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, Dalia Cohen of ALN Associates, Sissi Liu, Shelley Amster, and Kathleen Hagan (Lhasa room holds 20)

6:00-6:45pm: Panel Discussion

            Funding Women Leaders - What does it take? with Jennifer Jordan of Mass Ventures, Rachel Keyser of SROne, Katie Schuller Bleakie of Golden Seeds, and Jean Hammond of Golden Seeds.  Moderated by Zoe Barry of ZappRx. (Mandalay room holds 45)

7:00-7:45pm: Panel Discussion

            Women in Start-ups sharing Successes and Challenges with Rosana Kapeller of Nimbus Discovery, Julie Yoo of Kyruus, Zoe Barry of ZappRx, and Zenobia Moochhala of Care.com. Moderated by Sandra Glucksmann of Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (Mandalay room holds 45)

5:00-8:00pm: Networking and Information Tables at the Venture Café (XX in Health, WITI, WebStart Women, Golden Seeds, and WEST)

3:30-5:00pm: Office Hours and Advice with Ann Brady of Golden Seeds

4:30-6:30pm: YouthCITIES Weekly Meeting - Youth Oriented Mini-Hack on Social Problems (Kathmandu room holds 30)

6:30-7:30pm: Startup Leadership Program Information Session (Kathmandu room holds 30)

** Space is limited for discussions, please arrive to the room early if you are interested in attending.

Date and Time:  
August 8, 2013
5:00 - 8:00 PM


Cambridge Innovation Center, The Venture Café, One Broadway, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

Guests must comply with Venture Café attendance policies.  Please see http://bit.ly/vc-credo for more details.

Thank you to UW Realty Company for providing light snacks for this event.

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