Personality Styles and Communication Using DiSC

This workshop focuses on developing greater self-awareness and stronger people skills. This DiSC workshop begins with a short but powerful assessment based on the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Model, which groups behavioral responses into four clusters. This self-scoring behavioral learning instrument is a proven road map to interpersonal communications and teamwork. Then Kathy Ball-Toncic, CPCC will provide a background on different DiSC facets and help you self-assess your own profile. The workshop uses content and interactive exercises to help participants understand difference and how best to leverage their own style when dealing with others who may have a different profile to their own. There will be lots of practical and actionable strategies for communicating, influencing, and collaborating more effectively.

Date and Time:  
September 19, 2013
6:00 - 9:00 PM


The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
7 Cambridge Center, Monadnock Room
Cambridge, MA 02142

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We appreciate The Broad Institute donating the use of their event space.


Members: $40; Non-Members: $60, Workshop and Annual Membership: $125

A light dinner will be served.

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