Interviewing Secrets that Hone Your Competitive Edge


Do you cringe at the thought of an interview?  You know you can handle technical questions but worry about the social dos and don’ts?  In this workshop we will dive into the “soft skills”, or manners, that are specific to interviewing.  Getting a handle on these will help put you at ease and able to focus on the conversation and interviewer instead of worrying about your conduct. You will learn how to integrate these skills into your interviewing style to project a professional polished image and edge out the competition.


In this Interview Preparation workshop, you will learn:

        Hygiene and attire

        When to arrive; tips for the perennially late

        The waiting room – make the most of it

        Acknowledging the receptionist

        When to seat yourself

        The professional introduction

        Tips on remembering names

        Handling a business card

        Smartphone wisdom

        Initiating and maintaining a conversation

        Making comfortable conversation:

             -Small Talk--a big deal; the role of small talk in building relationships.

             -The importance and benefits of listening: using your interviewer’s input to keep a

               conversation flowing

             -The awkward silence: remedies and perspectives

             -Ideas for initiating a conversation

             -The importance of using the other person’s name during a conversation

             -Speaking to a group of interviewers and making everyone feel included

             -Inappropriate topics/questions in a business setting

             -Stating an opinion diplomatically when it conflicts with those of others

             -Care with jargon and slang

             -How to know when it is time to stop and let another speak    

        Common conundrums

        Body language;the powerful silent messenger monitoring your own and reading another’s

        Interview wrap-up and follow up

        Post-interview pitfalls & considerations

        Follow up that keeps you memorable


Each attendee will receive a detailed summary of the presentation.


More about Janet

First impression & etiquette expert Janet Parnes is on a mission: equip young professionals with skills that enable them to maximize the opportunities and handle the conundrums that come with career advancement.

Whether we are talking about a board game, table manners, or interviewing, playing by the rules shows that we are respectful, confident, etc.  Janet’s etiquette workshops teach skills that develop and display these qualities; students learn how to polish their professional image to make themselves notable and memorable.  Learn more at

Janet’s professional experience encompasses companies such as Analog Devices, Lipton Tea, and Shaw's Supermarkets. Her passion for historical storytelling to audiences of all ages, desire to see young people reach their potential, and conviction that dreams are designed to be realized led her to enroll at the internationally recognized Protocol School of Washington®. With a client list that spans colleges, business groups, schools, libraries, museums, park & recreation departments, and private homes, she leverages her talents and conviction to give people techniques that cement the foundation for success in every area of life.


Date and Time:  
March 2, 2016
6:00 - 8:00 PM


5:50-6:10pm: Registration, mingling, and light dinner
6:10-6:30pm: Facilitated Networking
6:30-7:30pm: Workshop
7:30-8:00pm: Optional networking


Regis College, 235 Wellesley Street, Fine Arts Center Atrium, Weston, MA 02493

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Members: $35; Non-Members: $55, Workshop and Annual Membership: $120

Regis College Students and Faculty can attend for free

A light dinner will be served.

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